The lighthouse of Bibione

The lighthouse of Bibione


This simple but amazing white building stands on the east-end of Bibione, at the mouth of the Tagliamento river.

Built at the beginning of the 20th century, the building still looks like then. The lights were until 1973 real fire, since then it is lit by electricity that reaches 15 miles.

Today it is not only a point of reference from escursioni-al-faro-di-bibionethe water but for beach-goers as well to take long walks or to take their dogs for a walk.

The beauty of the lighthouse is not only the building itself but also the wonderful landscape it is set in. There is a particular flora surrounding under the pinewood and near the cobalt blue sea.
The area of the lighthouse was restored in 2015 to make it comfortable to reach the building by bike or by walking.