Visit Valgrande Bibione

Visit Valgrande in Bibione


Only a few know that apart from the golden beach,  there is also a beautiful protected natural area in Bibione. The valley called Valgrande stretches out on a landscape of 360 hectares. Walking along its paths, smelling its perfumes and admiring its colors will is a truly delightful experience.


Valgrande has always been a private property and thanks to the owners it has always maintained its original aspect. The valley can only be visited with a guided tour: it can be explored from the terra ferma on foot, by bike or riding a horse, or it can be admired from the water.

With Kayak

A kayak tour is a very suggestive way to visit the lagoon. The trips depart from port Baseleghe and it takes about 2 hours to visit the canals and the internal lagoon.

Cost: € 15.00
When: Fridays
Where: Ristorante ai Lecci 10:00 AM

On foot

Get ready to explore the most beautiful paths that will bring you to the heart of the valley where it smells of menthol and wild rocket. You will see the Mutteron dei Frati, the antique ants’ nest, the lake and local animals like flamencos, herons and ducks.

Mutteron dei Frati

Protected by the lagoon, there are still to find the traces of a maritime villa from the 4th century. It is thought to have been a sort of storage space for fish and shellfish. This is the only one evidence of the Romans in the area of Bibione.

Cost: € 5.00
When: Thursdays
Where: Ristorante ai Lecci 10:00 AM

By bike


A route under the valley’s pine- and oakwood brings you to the depth of the lagoon to see the animals in their natural habitat. At the return refreshment at the old Casone.

Cost: € 10.00
When: Saturday- Sunday- Monday
Where: Ristorante ai Lecci 10:00 AM

By boat

Visiting the valley by motorboat will allow you to see the farthest points as well. The trip is leaded by a guide who will also allow you to drive the boat. At the return refreshment at the old Casone.

Cost: € 15.00
When: Tuesdays
Where: Ristorante ai Lecci 10:00 AM

Sunrise with breakfast in the valley

It is definitely worth to get up early and see the nature waking up: the sounds and smells of the valley will be an unforgettable experience. At the return refreshment at the old Casone.

Cost: € 20.00
When: Wednesdays
Where: Ristorante ai Lecci 5:00 AM

Horse riding


One of the most popular excursions, available to all levels, even if you have never ridden a horse.

Cost: € 25.00
When: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Where: Centro Ippico Valgrande, 10:00 AM

Electric vehicle

For those who cannot or do not want to take long rides, it is possible to visit the valley with an electric vehicle without intruding the nature.

Cost: € 15.00
When: Mondays
Where: Ristorante ai Lecci 16:00 AM

Fishing in the valley


Valgrande is also a huge fish reserve offering the fishermem seabass, bream and mullet.

Cost: € 20.00
When: Mondays at 14:00 PM and Thursdays at 10:00 AM
Where: Ristorante ai Lecci

All trips are subject to availability and require booking.

For more information and reservations:
Via Baseleghe 4 – 30028 Bibione (VE)
Tel. +39 349 2448544